How Do I Work with a Recruiter?

Have you thought about enlisting the help of a recruiter on your job search? Has a recruiter reached out to you and you aren't sure of how to engage?

We've compiled a list of tips from the SecureVision Recruiting Team on some of the best and most effective ways to interact with a recruiter!

Before a recruiter will put you forward for a role they are working on, they will have a phone call with you - it's not enough to just look over your resume. While on this call, remember the recruiter is the gate keeper and you want to impress them.

Tip: Come to the call prepared with intelligent questions that show engagement

Sell the recruiter just as you would sell yourself to the hiring manager. Having a recruiter excited to present you to their client can go a long way toward presenting a positive opinion of you as a candidate to the hiring team.

Tip: Brag about yourself, let them know the professional and personal successes you are most proud of - we will craft a story around them

Tip: Have your sales numbers ready- hard numbers on performance are often what hiring managers look at first

Give a detailed overview of your role. Paint a picture for your recruiter of your day to day responsibilities, sales process, and role expectations. This helps a recruiter to tell right off the bat if your experience lines up with the role and what the client is looking for.

Tip: Give detail but keep your answers concise. In a 20-30 min call give them what they need to know to make an educated decision about you as a candidate, don't miss out on sharing important facts!

No recruiter can stress enough the importance of transparency. Its ok if you aren't still with your current company, don't have a clear picture of what you are looking for, or aren't actively searching for a new role, etc. This is an extremely important aspect in the candidate/recruiter relationship. We need to know how best to present you and properly handle pushback or questions about your background.

Tip: Don't burn bridges by not being honest and giving your recruiter or hiring manager a surprise later on in the interview process

Follow up and don't be a ghost. Having open and frequent communication with your recruiter can be a huge deciding factor in having a positive interview experience. Remember, your recruiter is there to help you. In the end we both want the same thing, to get you a job!

Tip: Very often clients will ask if candidates follow up regularly with us to get a sense of your level of professionalism- this can be make it or break it at times

If you keep these few simple tips in mind, working with a recruiter will be transformative in your job search! In the end we are here to help and can serve as a great resource in the future.

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