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We offer flexible, cost-effective, contracting support through our Romanian subsidiary.  In this model, SecureVision recruits and employs top talent who works remotely in Romania as a full time member on your team.  Our most popular outsourcing profile is Recruitment Coordinators that source talent and handle scheduling throughout the interview process.  However, we provide outsourcing services for a range of positions including, recruitment, customer service, sales, tech, and operationally focused roles ranging from entry-level to senior.

Benefits of Partnering with SecureVision

Industry knowledge

Industry-specific knowledge, market trends insights, and a solid understanding of the latest skillsets required to be successful in your industry

strong network

Access to a wealth of suitable candidates who are ready to make a career move

successful hire

 We gain in-depth knowledge about our clients, including history and culture -  all of the elements that help make a fit hire

Time and cost saving

Our recruitment models offer time and cost efficiency, bringing you peace of mind with faster hires

advisor and partner

We use our knowledge and experience to advise on all recruitment, employer branding, and candidate engagement matters 

Build your championship revenue generating team today!

Start building your Team - fill out our form today and one of our Recruiters will reach out to you to discuss your hiring needs and find the best recruitment solution for you and your team.

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